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Environmentally Friendly Washing, Cleaning/Degreasing System

Unique rotational washing technology produces cleaner and drier parts than any other comparable method. The workload/part is rotated about a horizontal axis. The principle of passing copious amounts of solution through a rotating workload produces a kinetic energy driven by gravity and ability to seek the most arduous route, leaving the components in the workload totally penetrated and rendered free from contamination.
The combination of the acclaimed rotational washing technology, high pressure jetting where required, hot air and vacuum drying and speed of throughput allows user to place cleaning process at the heart of manufacturing operation.
 Futures and Benefits
Provide cleaner and drier parts than any other comparable method.
Multiplicity of optional processes and functions provide the optimum aqueous washing and
drying system for your application:Rotational washing process: Flood Wash, Spray Wash,
Dedicated Jetting, Air Blast, Flood Rinse, Spray Rinse, Hot Air Dry and Vacuum Dry etc
Whether using tote pans, trays, baskets or tailored fixtures, both containers and
components can be washed simultaneously during the process–minimizing part handling
and also eliminating cross contamination risks. Individual parts can also be accommodated.
In these cases the wash chamber is customized to process, for example, cylinder heads,
crankcases and transmission cases–of particular benefits in a cell manufacturing environment.
Compact rotational washing and drying system, saving installation space
Optional the process water recycling system continuously recovers and recycles the wash
water in parts cleaning systems to resolve the problem of waste water effluent disposal.
Water quality is maintained throughout production ensuring that parts exit the system in a
clean condition, without contamination with oily residues. The environmentally friendly system
saves also the control costs of water & waste water.
 Application Fields
Auto Parts – Wash Process
Aerospace & Defense Parts – Wash Process
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Components – Wash Process
Electric & Electronic Components – Wash Process
Other Parts/Components – Wash Process
Since 1987, we supply successfully the special washing and drying systems, custom-tailored systems for the super mass production line of automotive plants.