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Environmentally Friendly Brazing Furnace System
Environmentally Friendly Brazing Furnace System
Since 1990 successful remodeling of Brazing Furnace System for Automotive Radiator, Sang Won has developed and improved the design & manufacturing technology for the Brazing Furnace System with the repeating orders from Korean and Japanese customers mainly. We thanks again to the Japanese customers especially.
These accumulated experiences have resulted in Sang Won being recognized as the Korea representative leader of environmentally friendly Brazing Furnace System.
 Brazing Furnace Systems
Continuous Aluminum Brazing Furnace System
Continuous Copper Brazing Furnace System
Continuous Firing Furnace System
Batch Brazing Furnace System for small scale production
 Futures and Benefits
Greatly improve productivity and quality by simultaneous brazing to complicated multi-points
Available Automotive controls to various flow speeds and temperatures
Saving energy & running cost by the developed technology, the hybrid thermal source of
Electric+ Gas
Accumulated experiences of design+ manufacturing+ sites provide the optimum Brazing
Furnace System to customer’s various requirements
Environmentally friendly Brazing Furnace System by exhaust gas reduction system
 Application Fields

Automotive Aluminum Heat Exchanger/Radiator
General Industries Aluminum Heat Exchanger/Radiator
Automotive Copper Heat Exchanger/Radiator
General Industries Copper Heat Exchanger/Radiator

 Process & Flow of AL Brazing Furnace System