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Environmentally Friendly+Energy Saving Microwave Dry System (Industrial Drying Oven)

Industrial Drying Oven
On 2000, Sang Won succeeded R&D of Industrial Microwave Dryer(Industrial Drying Oven) as an environmentally friendly &
energy saving technology, supported by Korea MOCIE. Subsequently to the pilot scale system, super grade 400Kw Microwave Dry System(Industrial Drying Oven) was successfully supplied/installed by us for Foundry Core Line of Automotive Plant on 2002. By great responses of customers to the excellent futures and benefits of Microwave Dry System(Industrial Drying Oven), the favorable repeat orders have been increasing more and more.
 Futures and Benefits
Reduce greatly production costs by energy saving and productivity improving,
compared with conventional electric or gas dryer/oven
Upgrade products quality by complete dry without any tarnish through unique
selective fast dry of microwave to water moisture only from inner part
Maintain comfortable work place by environmentally friendly & safety system,
minimizing exhaust gas and audible noise or surface thermal loss
No need any cooling process to handle/transfer with low surface temperature of dried
products, after finish of microwave dry process
Provide optimal cycle times of production lines for various products in types/sizes and
Save greatly installation space, much compact than conventional electric or gas dryer/oven
Integrated Automotive process lines with pallet return conveyor
Easy controls, operating and maintenance
 Application Fields
Foundry Core Dry Lines of Automotive Plants
Ceramics Industry
Rubber and Plastic Industries
Food and Medicine Processing Industries
Textile and Wood Processing Industries
Paper and Semiconductor Industries
Other Material Processing
 Microwave Dry Technology to Dielectric Media
Microwave selective heating to dielectric media (±) only as water molecules is generated by oscillations of dipole molecules in response to high frequency field’s polarity changes, and high frequency energy by the intermolecular frictions. The complete dry is achieved by the water moisture’s self-produced thermal energy through very fast extraction & diffusion of the water moistures from inside to outside of product with high thermal energy efficiency in fast cycle time. This microwave dry technology removes completely product quality problems as surface shrinking & curing, cracks, remaining moistures and no good blowholes etc of the conventional electric or gas dryer/oven, improves greatly productivity and also provides comfortable work place by environmentally friendly & safety system. This advanced technology is applicable to provide such benefits and advantages for wide industrial dry/oven, sintering and sterilizing processes etc.