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Energy Saving VOC Concentrator + Advanced RTO System

On 2002, we successfully performed R&D of Advanced RTO System with the support of Korea MOE. On 2004, its advanced technology was appointed as the New Environmental Technology ET Mark by Minister of Korea Ministry of Environment. On March 2006, we and our partner, SWC Japan Co., Ltd. successfully supplied & installed Advanced RTO System with VOC Concentrator for Gravure Printing Dry Line of TOKKA Co., Ltd. in Saitama, Japan
 Futures and Benefits
For more cost effective system to remove the exhaust VOC (volatile organic compounds) of the low concentrations & the low temperature with the large flow rates from industrial factories, the VOC Concentrator can be combined with the Advanced RTO System. The laden VOC in the exhaust air stream is adsorbed in the process zone and desorbed in the de-sorption zone by heated de-sorption air stream with much less air volume than that of process air stream
Concentrating ratio 5 ~10+ times for exhaust VOC of low PPM(concentration),
low temperature and large flow rates
Available high VOC destruction removal efficiency with saving installation spaces
Provides high stable system to variable loads, flow rates and VOC concentrations
Upgrade reliability of VOC removal system with Advanced RTO System
Easy maintenance of advanced RTO system, the rotor built-out external type horizontally
at the lower area of the system
 Application Fields
Painting Industry
Coating Industry
Printing Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry
Paper & Textile Industry
Food Industry
Waste treating Industry etc
 Process & Configuration of VOC Concentrator+ Advanced RTO System